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Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der weißensee kunsthochschule berlin mehr erfahren

Aktuelles aus den Workspaces

Thank you all, for attending this semesters SprechenÜber!

Hey everyone!
With our guest Torsten from FELD we brought this semester's talks to a proper ending.
A big thanks to everyone for attening so numerously throughout the semester.

Stay tuned …

SprechenÜber | FELD Design | Voraula, Mi. 30.01.19, 17:00

The very interesting FELD Studio will be our last guest for WS18/19.
Since this is the last event of the semester all drinks and snacks will be free.
Hope to …

SprechenÜber | Miriam Schmidtke | Prof. Mensa, Mi. 23.01.19, 17:00

How to choreograph déja-vus

Miriam Schmidtke is a media artist and director specialized in working with set-ups of synchronized movements, synchronized video-channels and highly choreographed performance pieces. Due …

SprechenÜber | VAI KAI | Prof. Mensa, Mi. 16.01.19, 17:00


supports cognitive and emotional development through connected play. She communicates gently with adorable sounds and breathing color light. When held in hands, VaiKai responds to motions …

REMINDER: Frédéric Eyl today

Don't miss todays talk by Frédéric Eyl | TheGreenEyl

Voraula, 17:00