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In a world dominated by overwhelming displays and complex interfaces, waking up has become an exact science, dictated by unforgiving digital alarms. In pursuit of precision, the simplicity of natural awakening has been overlooked. „wekker.“ embodies the simplicity of the morning awakening. The fusion of aesthetics and functionality accentuates the prevailing need for clarity and serenity. Amidst the information deluge, wekker consciously adopts a strategy of simplification. The soft rotational motion, inspired by winding a clock, facilitates the effortless configuration of sleep duration, measured by hours not minutes. The timeline, mirrored with 0 at the center, ensures the light rotates towards the bed regardless of the product‘s position. The lightreflection on the wall, resembling a gently curved sunspot, assures not just a gentle awakening but also imparts a dynamically soothing effect that enhances the user‘s sense of time. „wekker“ heralds the revival of timeless elegance and encourages a mindful morning routine as an antidote to the pervasive overstimulation of contemporary living.

Bildschirm­foto 2024-05-05 um 19.42.08.pngBildschirm­foto 2024-05-05 um 19.42.08.png


My project was inspired by closely observing the slow movement of sunlight reflections on the walls of my home. I found it fascinating how the shapes of these reflections change, disappear, and transform over time.



Inspired by the captivating sun reflections, I set out to replicate their unique light qualities. To achieve this, I began by creating some initial prototypes.


I decided to use the horizontal movement of the light and combine that rotation with user interaction. The idea is that the user winds the light like a clock to set the duration of sleep, measured in hours. As the light rotates back to 0, it softly turns on, gently waking the user.




I aimed to enhance the first light experiments by incorporating a rotating light source in the room, simulating the movement of the sun indoors. This setup allows the light to move slowly through the room, gradually growing brighter as it approaches the sleeping area.


To transform the concept into a tangible product, it was essential to compactly integrate all the technical components into a single, cohesive design.




Bildschirm­foto 2024-05-05 um 19.40.04.pngBildschirm­foto 2024-05-05 um 19.40.04.png
Bildschirm­foto 2024-05-05 um 19.41.14.pngBildschirm­foto 2024-05-05 um 19.41.14.png

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