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Indiv.Kompetenzbildung_MA_form finding & digital fabrication

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Individuelle Kompetenzvertiefung für MA- Studierende Textil- und Flächendesign

Digitale Design kurs mit Elaine Bonavia

Max 10 Studierende


This course will cover the fundamental principles of form-finding and digital fabrication for textile design. We will learn how to leverage computational techniques for prototyping smocking patterns based on images and working between digital model and physical prototype in 3D with textiles.

Contemporary craft has evolved beyond traditional manual methods, embracing digital technologies to expand the possibilities of designing and making. Typically, a variety of programs cater to diverse tools and processes, but few are situated at the intersection of design and fabrication. Kangaroo 2 (a Grasshopper plugin) can be very powerful in the process of creating geometrically complex designs, but also in simulating textile behaviours which come close to real-world material properties.

In this course we will understand the basics of simulation with Kangaroo2, by first covering the theoretical principles of form-finding. We will focus on simulating a series of textile behaviors, such as folding, smocking and draping, but also other behaviours such as bending will be introduced.

After this, the class will be hands on and everyone will develop their own project based on a smocking pattern of their choice: both physical and digital models will be required and will build up to the final prototype/task.  The goal is to apply learned principles and experiment with forming and structuring a smocked textile piece in hand, while also having a computational model which corresponds to the physical model. Ultimately, the parametric digital model can be used to produce various different outcomes of varying complexity.

We will work with meshing and fabrication plug-ins, that simplify complex geometries and facilitate their physical realization.


Textil- und Flächendesign



Wintersemester 2023 / 2024


Montag, 13:30 – 16:45




Computerraum, F1.09