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Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der weißensee kunsthochschule berlin mehr erfahren

-00. The Dead Fridge Project .00-

This is the story about the so called „common fridge“ of the professional sculptors out there

1.How it started

This fridge sits in the workspace of Vinh. It was not meant to be used to store food for everyone in the Sculpture hall, we had a common kitchen where everyone had a common fridge where they can store food there… 

„But how did a fridge used for producing art become a fridge where every put food there? What happened to the common fridge?“ you may ask, well, let me take you on a tour to how this all happened, hopefully everyone can enjoy this ride ...

2.How we professional artists handle the common space

A yes it all starts with that doesn't it? So as you know, we consider ourselves professionals, so we just give ourselves the right to leave things there as we like to. So the kitchen that our 2 colleagues Kurt and Joshua worked hard on for everyone to have a nice space are left with leftovers and without being cleaned. Same goes to the fridge: Things are left in there to a great extent . 

Now, i haven't been to all places so i don't know how high class profi artists handle the common space together, but i think it's totally fine what we're doing here in Weissensee:

3.Ferran Adrià was invited to documenta 12 for his molecular gastronomy, big deal, we can do the same

rotten salad say hello to you.jpgrotten salad say hello to you.jpg
Ferran Adrià was invited to documenta 12 for his cooking, we can do the same  .jpgFerran Adrià was invited to documenta 12 for his cooking, we can do the same  .jpg

So to a point where the fridge in the kitchen is quite full , the next target that is easier to reach when you're walking down the middle of the hall is the fridge at my workspace, and it clearly states on it:„ Please keep the fridge here , i need it for Art Projects- Amer“. 

It was originally there to serve for Art projects, but people start to come and let me show you some documentation of this Art Project: The Dead Fridge Project. Each artist bring their own stuff and leave it there in the fridge for „i don't care how long time“ and try to make the fridge a different space that is not the same context anymore. We consider it a good way of practicing our skill how to engage with a space: try it out with something smaller scaled. Let's have a look:

4.Preserving a Rechnung


5.Molded cheese? Yes, i want to see how the color change and see what it can invite

molded cheese.jpgmolded cheese.jpg

6.Chance for Smoothie? Made of ruined food

plastic bag of ruined food.jpgplastic bag of ruined food.jpg

7.Open Call to Artist of all species

So you see, with all the food irresponsibly left there, we managed to contact all the artist flies to come and work in this Open Call : We provide them ruined food, they make artwork for us to sell to gallerist and curators , it's a good exchange

dead fly1.jpgdead fly1.jpg
dead fly 2.jpgdead fly 2.jpg
dead fly collage.jpgdead fly collage.jpg
dead fly 3.jpgdead fly 3.jpg

8. Summary i guess

I think the first thing before becoming a great artist isn't about you producing good works, just please first be responsible and aware if what you do will affect others, think before doing it. If you do that well, less shit get put onto other friends and fellows and at least there's more hope for all of us out there.

Idk, i also make mistakes, what are we doing to each other?


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